Omnicharge Omni Ultimate Portable Battery Pack

While the capabilities of our electronics continue to improve, the need for more and more power to keep them operating increases. The problem is, even spartan users still end up with dead tech on a fairly regular basis and hauling around a bunch of portable batteries to keep them juiced can be a cumbersome and inconvenient task. Or at least it was before the Omni Ultimate.

Small enough to fit in your everyday backpack or even some folks’ back pockets, this portable power station packs a wallop — boasting a total capacity of 40,300mAh. For reference, that’s enough to charge up the new iPhone X roughly 15 times. But it isn’t limited to just one item charging, either, as it boasts five different output ports — AC, DC, USB-C, and dual USB-A — so you can juice up all your tech at the same time. Plus, once it’s out of power, you can load it back up in just 2.5 hours and be ready to go again. Better still, it’s fully TSA-approved, so you can take it on travel. Back the project on IndieGoGo now starting at $299.

IndieGoGo: $299+

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