Kyocera KY-01L Card Phone

Making the new Palm Phone look a little bigger than it did last week, Kyocera is launching what they claim to be the world’s thinnest and lightest companion phone in Japan next month with Docomo Mobile. The phone is only about 5.3 mm at its thickest with a weight of about 47g — Palm’s little companion phone weighs 135g — meaning it can fit into your card-holder or minimalist wallet with relative ease.

It features an electronic paper display that hardly consumes battery power, helping the 380mAh battery offer a continuous talk time of 110 minutes and standby time of 100 hours. The Card Phone was designed for basic functions like talk and text but it does support WiFi for web browsing, however, data-rich web pages aren’t what e-paper does best — don’t rely on it for all of your favorite apps. It also has Bluetooth functionality and minimal water-resistance with an IPX 2 rating.

Purchase: $285

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