Jet Vespa Concept By Lazzarini Design

Though they’re certainly not for everyone, there’s no denying the impact that Vespa has had on the world of motor vehicles. After all, the Italian company could be called the most iconic scooter brand of all time. Unfortunately, that iconic styling is only available on scooters. Designer Pierpaolo Lazzarini doesn’t think it has to stay that way, however, as evidenced by his Jet Vespa concept personal watercraft.

Vespa’s styling pares beautifully into these handsome PWCs, but the concept goes deeper than just appearances. According to Lazzarini, these jet skis are said to have bodies made entirely of fiberglass and powertrains that will push them at speeds up to 30 knots over the water — that’s nearly 35 mph for the non-sailors out there. He’s also proposed both an all-electric engine and a two-stroke gas-powered one, both producing 39 horsepower. These sea scooters are also said to boast gimbal self-balancing technology to keep you from tipping over into the ocean, up to three hours of continuous operation, and room for two people at a time. They’re just concepts now, but the designer imagines they would sell for $25,000, were they ever produced.

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