Punkt MP02 Mobile Phone

Is it a smartphone or a dumbphone? Perhaps a little of both. The new Punkt MP02 4G phone is the successor to the MP02, which defined itself with its simplicity. With the MP02, Punkt has elected to add some complexity the mix to keep up with evolving cellular infrastructure, with a host of new features that add some intellect and network connectivity to the spartan semi-smart phone.

The Punkt MP02 comes with straightforward call and text capabilities. Other forms of communication — email, Facebook, and other forms of social media are there when you want them and invisible when you don’t. When it’s convenient for you to use those secondary lines of interaction, new 4G LTE connectivity, WiFi tethering that’s shareable with your tablet/laptop, and a larger screen make it a simple task to toggle over and tackle your digital responsibilities more efficiently. Fight back against social media addiction — learn how to be here now with the minimalist Punkt MP02 phone.

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