Optinid Cecile Convertible Tiny Cabin

One of the reasons we’ve noticed a boom in the popularity of tiny homes, besides the obvious cost-effectiveness, is that they allow people to get closer to nature without having to live like cavemen. And while most mobile tiny homes or camper trailers are a good first step, the folks at Optinid have taken it a step further with their Cecile convertible tiny cabin.

At 20 feet long and 8.3 feet wide, the Cecile is a surprisingly roomy trailer-mountable house. It also has a fully functional kitchen (with a stove, sink, and retractable dining table), a fully-featured bathroom, and sleeping space for a small family. It’s also built from a beautiful combination of natural fir and black polycarbonate, offering a nice stylistic contrast. But the star of the show here, by a long shot, is that this little cabin features a sliding roof that opens up the 2nd-floor master bedroom to the sky above. Especially for warm summer days and stargazing nights, that feature makes this one of the most impressive structures of its type we’ve ever seen. And you can get one for yourself, starting at just $63,000.

Purchase: $63,000+

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