Kuschall Superstar Graphene Wheelchair

The body’s limitations are no match for an adventurous spirit and the right gear. That’s why Kuschall has designed a sleek, incredibly strong wheelchair for daring souls called the Superstar.

The Switzerland-based company utilized aerospace materials to build the Superstar, and according to them, it’s the world’s lightest wheelchair. The stealthy ride is made with graphene, a material that’s 200 times stronger than steel and 10 times tougher than diamond, yet is amazingly flexible and lightweight. Kuschall’s design aims to address the 50-70% of wheelchair users who develop upper body injuries after 10-15 years by positioning the wheels closer to the rider, increasing the propelling capability. Furthermore, Kuschall worked with Formula 1 manufacturers to fine-tune the driving performance of the wheelchair by using an X-shape geometric design, road dampening properties, and a bespoke backrest. The Superstar is a heavy-duty wheelchair that knows no limitations.

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