Glenmorangie Original Whisky Cask Surfboard

Two things that are more enjoyable smooth are whisky and waves, which is why it makes sense for the famous Glenmorangie Distillery in Tain, Scotland to team up with Grain Surfboards to create boards out of repurposed whisky casks. To give its whisky a smooth, round taste, the prominent Distillery ages their Glenmorangie Original spirit for ten years in ex-bourbon casks. After drying the casks carefully, they were ready for new life.

The wood from the casks is structured to make the internal frame for each beautiful surfboard. Beautiful rich tones, flecks, and patterns are shown on each stave milled, and those unique marks are displayed on the exterior of each surfboard. In order to display the personality of the oak staves, veneers were created and glued to a bed of cedar planks, which also reduced the weight better rideability. Every Glenmorangie Original Surfboard is handmade and uses 12-barrel staves. You can grab one of the limited edition boards today to ride waves smoother than whisky.

Purchase: $5,500

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