Caravanboat Departure One Amphibious Camper

Lakeside camping can be a serene and relaxing experience, but lugging up your camper trailer and your boat can prove too difficult for most. Caravanboat helps campers circumvent this limiting factor with their incredible two-in-one called the Caravanboat Departure One.

Half-trailer, half-houseboat, the Departure One is the perfect amphibian for campers who love the water. Based in Denmark, Caravanboat has conceptualized and built an astounding vehicle that can transform from a luxurious camper, complete with all the amenities you could desire, into a powerful boat that can carve through the water. Crafted with an aluminum 30mm isolated hull, the vacation vehicle comes complete with a toilet, shower, A/C, air heating, four beds, corner couch, and a large panoramic window — this massive trailer-boat (9m x 3.5m) can handle anything on land or at sea. Sadly, it’s not currently available in the United States, but here’s to hoping.

Purchase: $67,000

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