BMW Vision iNext

BMW has a vision for the future — a future in which all technology comes integrated into your vehicle to make life easier and more efficient. This vision finds form in the BMW Vision iNext, the concept electric vehicle that promises to revolutionize your time spent on the road.

The semi-autonomous BMW Vision iNext is the latest mold-breaking model designed by BMW, billed as a “building block” for the future. At its base, the iNext is a modern BMW SAV with added size and enhanced tech. With a design formed by sophisticated, sleek contours and a Liquid Greyrose Copper exterior paint job that gradually fades from warm gold to dark rose along with blue LED accents, the exterior design complements the crisp interior of the Vision iNext. New tech adornments include super-slim headlights along with the option of two driving modes — “Boost” mode for manual control and a virtually silent driving experience, and “Ease” mode, in which the iNext drives autonomously and allows you to catch up on work, read a book, or relax and enjoy the soft ambiance of the Purus Rosé, Brown, and Beige interior. A host of other features make the iNext BMW’s flagship of the future. That future is on the horizon; the Vision iNext is promised for production by 2021.

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