The Mono Tiny Cabin

Drop structures is an architecture house aptly named, considering the portability of their foundational structure, the Mono. The little prefab home can be picked up and dropped wherever you want (so long as it’s legal). No matter the locale, the Mono Tiny Cabin has everything it takes to stand alone in nature.

Meticulously designed to maximize the livable space inside the tiny home, the Mono Tiny Cabin is a beautiful coalescence of high function and beautiful form. Its simplicity equals modifiability; a “Plug and Play” concept underlies the Mono, allowing the occupant to customize the interior to his or her whimsy, integrating lofts, desks, beds, different wall and floor textures, and much more. Though just 106 square feet, the awesome cabin has everything you might need for an excursion into nature. Structured by a steel frame, the Mono needs no foundation to make its stand. Fleshed out by Douglas Fir (or Cedar, if you’d prefer), it can withstand any biome. With electric heat, you’ll remain warm inside. Drop structures will help purchasers find and place their Mono in the location of their choice.

Purchase: $21,450+

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