Stanley Kubrick Original Poster Collection

Stanley Kubrick’s immortal films from the 1960s and ’70s are a pillar of cinematic history. Now, thanks to Sotheby’s, you can commemorate the masterpieces in your home with this collection of very rare and unique Stanley Kubrick Film Posters.

From the pre-CGI phantasmagoria of the journey through the wormhole to the strange and dystopian setting of A Clockwork Orange to the dusky and hysterical satire of Dr. Strangelove – the aesthetic of each film was uniquely great. Now, you can own an original poster from each film’s release invoking their particular peculiarity. Some of the posters were released in other countries and were therefore unseen in the United States. The poster depicting the Spacecraft Discovery One is one of the first known examples of a movie poster with a holographic 3-D display. The A Clockwork Orange poster was originally intended for release during the film’s relaunch, but Kubrick had the poster and film withheld due to the occurrence of several violent crimes that copied those in A Clockwork Orange.

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