Sony DMP-Z1 Gold-Plated Digital Music Player

Some are born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Sony’s DMP-Z1 Digital Music Player was born with a golden knob. The latest addition to Sony’s signature series is a super hi-fi music player with real gold-plating on the volume dial.

Boasting an “audiophile-grade” headphone amp and claiming “absolute sonic purity,” the digital music player stands atop the highest of the high end. Along with the equally extortionate Signature Series IER-Z1R headphones, the DMP-Z1 Digital Music Player was debuted at the Hong Kong High-End Audio Visual Show. Other features built into the DMP-Z1 include gold hardware for better signal processing, a “vinyl processor” for an increase in warmth, two micro SD slots, and 256GB of internal storage for music. Functional and attractive, it’s up to you whether this aureate audio player is really worth its weight in gold.

Purchase: $7,900

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