Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch

Samsung made two major announcements Thursday, officially putting Apple on notice. One: they dropped the Samsung Galaxy Note9 (1a, they announced that you’ll be able to play Fortnite on your phone) and two: the Samsung Galaxy Watch is ready to drop, and make a bid for the smartwatch throne.

The quality that Samsung has prioritized with the Galaxy Watch is connectivity. The watch is built to keep users with active lifestyles connected. Advanced fitness tracking will facilitate your exercise-filled life. Boasting an improved battery life that promises to last several days on a single charge, the phone can do everything you need, like answer calls, send text messages, use GPS, stream music, and everything else. Plus, standalone technology allows it to exist untethered to a smartphone in your pocket. It’s also highly customizable, coming in a 46mm and 42mm size, in Silver, Midnight Black and Rose Gold. With all the tech that an Apple Watch has, but a sleeker, more handsome dial face, the Samsung Galaxy watch is putting Apple on notice. They’d better watch out.
Purchase: $330

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