Northern Ireland Go-Kart Ranch

A mansion in Northern Ireland has just hit the market, and our inner child is salivating. The home, which comes with a 28-acre Estate, has everything our younger selves ever dreamed of – including an 980-meter Go Kart track.

A movie theatre, steam room and hot tub, and helicopter landing pad would be enough to make this mansion, located at 50 Cookstown Road, Cookstown, Moneymore, Northern Ireland an absolute fantasy. But the addition of the enormous go kart track takes it over the top. Equipped with a race control room that’s been built to operational specifications, hold the most professional-style Go Kart derbies in your backyard. With four bedrooms, five baths and all the amenities/luxuries you could ever need, the Northern Irish Ranch is the ultimate adult playground for big kids everywhere.

Purchase: $3,000,000

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