Narke Electrojet Electric Jet Ski

Electric vehicles are fairly common on the road, but now they’re expanding to the water, as electric boats and yachts are popping up everywhere. Narke’s taking it even further with their new, super quiet electric watercraft: the Electrojet.

With its environmentally friendly electric drive, Narke states that the Electrojet is the first electric-powered personal watercraft (PWC). Jet-skis are quite fun, but they do tend to make a lot of noise and obviously pollute the air with their gas-powered engines. The 60hp two passenger watercraft, capable of speeds up to 35mph, wipes away those two significant problems. Built with a lightweight carbon fiber body, running on a Lithium-Ion battery, you can enjoy stealthily cutting through the sea on this watercraft for 90 minutes on a single charge. There’s no mention of pricing yet, but we’re definitely keeping tabs on it.

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