Mashpi Cloud Forest Lodge In Ecuador

La Bosque de Niebla – the Cloud Forest – of Mashpi is among the lesser known, but most awe-inspiring natural features of the South American continent. The misty clump of mountains and trees rolls verdantly for miles, and deep inside the moist biome sits the Mashpi Lodge.

Sixty-eight miles outside of Ecuador’s capital of Quito, the Mashpi Lodge stands, nestled deep inside the Choco Forest, which is blooming with life. The Mashpi’s surroundings are the perfect place to explore. The Lodge is dedicated to guests’ immersion in nature, and edification on the community of human beings in the region, as well as the wide variety of flora and fauna found in the 3,000-acre private reserve. The Mashpi forest is home to innumerable species of animals and plants, including over 400 species of birds, 200 amphibians, mammals like monkeys, deer, and cats, and an infinitude of different species of fish. The luxurious amenities within the lodge along with its contiguity to an incredibly rich reservoir of life, are why the Mashpi Lodge was named one of the Unique Lodges Of The World by National Geographic.

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