Honda CT90 BMX ‘Redline’ By Lossa Engineering

While keeping our hand on the pulse of the custom motorcycle world, we see some pretty weird stuff from time to time. But the Honda CT90 BMX ‘Redline’ by Lossa Engineering you see before you is one of the weirdest – and maybe the most brilliant.

Though you might not realize it at first glance, this is not a BMX bike with an engine welded on. In fact, it’s just the opposite – a trail bike motorcycle altered to look like an extreme sports bicycle. In order to achieve this look, most of the frame was chopped off (practically everything but the motor mounts) and a new one was made from scratch – with the end goal of making it look like an ’80s Redline. And – with its BMX seat, handlebars, and pedal pegs, and spoked wheels – the illusion is complete. Best part is, this 110cc tiny titan is actually still street legal… and it’s for sale. You can bid on this bonkers bike on eBay right now (at the time of this writing, the current bid is $2,025).

Purchase: $2,025+

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