Fjord Whisky Glasses

Whisky is a beverage that invokes the spirit of Scandinavia. The smoky drink is certain to put hair on your chest. It’s only appropriate that the glass from which you sip your amber nectar is a worthy receptacle. Fjord Whisky has created just such a grail, with the Fjord whisky glasses, emulating the inlets of Norway.

Made from lead-free, beautiful crystal and coming in a solid oak case, the Fjord Whisky glasses channel a rich history. Handcrafted to simulate the path of a Fjord, surrounded by mountainsides, the unique shape of the whisky glass creates a built-in mixer to help the whisky aerate. The shape also causes the whisky to rest in the middle, encouraging a more intense flavor and smell at the center of the glass, and a milder effect nearer the edges. The solid oak case is as thick and mighty as Thor’s axe, and serves as a wonderfully refined holder for your collection.

Purchase: $30+

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