EksoVest Bionic Exoskeleton

When it comes to blue collar work, especially in factories and on construction sites, the nature of the job always means there’s a risk of injury. Thankfully, with advancements in technology, some of that risk can be mitigated via clever developments. One such development is making big waves – the EksoVest bionic exoskeleton.

Having been tested first by BMW and now Ford, as well, this rig is like a stripped-down Iron Man suit. The user just has to put the vest on, strap their arms in, and turn the whole thing on. The result: up to 15 pounds of lift assistance per arm – an amount that can mean the difference between hurting oneself and getting the job done safely. With applications across the hard labor industry, the folks at Ekso Bionics hope to continue creating useful tools to keep helping blue collar workers stay safe and productive. And someday maybe, just maybe, we’ll see this tech pared into some super suits for sale to the general public.

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