BMW R NineT ‘Moksha’ By Sinroja Motorcycles

In the Hindu religion, the term “Moksha” refers to a state of enlightenment. You may not precisely feel total religious illumination on the back of a fast motorcycle, but in Steve McQueen’s assessment, you’ll come damn close. The latest project from Sinroja Motorcycles, in collaboration with PW Steel is a dastardly red and black BMW R NineT named the same, and it’s designed to deliver pure motorized Moksha, should you be lucky enough to ride it.

The bike was created by the Sinroja Brothers in conjunction with watchmaker PW Steel, for their line of bikes called “Son of Time.” The watchmaker has commissioned several customs from creative motorcycle customizers, all with the theme of breaking out from Father Time’s control – hence the liberated name. The BMW base was stripped down to the bare bones, and built back up. Moksha is crafted from consigned billet aluminum 
machined parts, atop which rests the beautiful aluminum bodywork that the Sinroja brothers, Rahul and Birju, crafted. New DNA filters replaced the factory airbox, and a brand new, Assassin’s Creed-inspired front fairing was installed, along with a sharp tail that looks like it might sting. A custom fuel cap perfectly matches the TW Steel Moshka watch dial, which you can purchase on the PW Steel website.

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