Beau Lake Paddleboards

It’s difficult not to appreciate high quality craftsmanship – in anything. Any product, if it’s expertly crafted, is alluring, even if it’s well outside your interests. That’s why the Beau Lake Paddleboards are attractive, even if – like me – you’ve never paddleboarded in your life.

A day on the lake, pond or stream is made more luxurious by the addition of these beautiful toys for the water. Crafted from rich woods like walnut, mahogany, maple and rosewood, these paddleboards are a far cry from the foam toys at your local shop. Beautifully carved, trimmed with beautiful colors like blue, cream, and black, along with a little silver lining, the Beau Lake boards emulate a vintage, 1950’s era board. Though worthy of being framed and mounted, the boards aren’t mere decorations. All boards are made of lightweight fiberglass and epoxy resins and are designed for cruising. Coated with polished polyurethane UV-protected topcoat, they are built for performance, along with being stunning to look at.

Purchase: $2,300

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