The Space Smart Home By IOHOUSE

When sci-fi writers and the proto-imagineers of Epcot first conjured images of the houses of the future, they imagined domiciles of detailed integration; houses that were completely connected and adjustable on the inside, and innocuous and camouflaged on the outside. The designers at iOhouse have sought to fulfill that vision in creating their tech-infused Smart Home.

Designed to be intelligent, throughout every nook and cranny, the residence runs on a 220v generator and solar panels embedded on the roof. The Space’s creators imagined a not completely off-the-grid oasis, a house that, while considerably tech-y, remained quietly assimilated in a natural surrounding. Simplicity and tranquility were the focus in creating The Space. While outwardly crafted from completely organic, non-synthetic materials, the tiny home boasts a ton of tech on the interior, including a weather station, TV system, stereo, wifi, a built-in security system complete with cameras and digital network security, a smart smoke detector, GPS positioning, water monitor, and all the modern appliances you require – all tethered to an internet-based app from which dwellers can control and observe. Uncomplicated and modular enough to be moved and situated anywhere, this tiny home is the perfect modern domicile for those seeking solitude while remaining tangentially on-the-grid.

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