Special Reconnaissance Regiment Rolex Watches

High-end, luxury watch companies, like Rolex and Omega, have been authorized throughout history to equip armed forces with time pieces that have particular functions to assist them in carrying out their missions. There were two military-issued timepieces up for auction, both made especially for the Special Reconnaissance Regiment (SRR), a Special Forces Regiment of the British Armed Forces that was established in 2005 that carries out a variety of classified activities.

First, there is the 2010 Rolex Submariner with a 3135 automatic lever movement, 31 jewels, a magnified aperture for the date, Mercedes hands, a revolving Cerachrom bezel that measures dive time and the SRR insignia engraved on the back. This watch is a limited item that’s one of only 167 pieces made, and comes with a certificate that was issued by the SRR. The second watch is a 2008 Rolex Explorer II, which was first produced in 1985, and is number 52 of 139 that were made. It has a 3185 nickel lever movement, 31 jewels, a 24-hour red arrow hand to keep a second time zone and a stainless steel Oyster case. This time piece also comes with a certificate mentioning that this was part of a set that was supplied directly to the SRR. Both watches are 40mm in diameter with a bracelet circumference of 205mm and both are in good condition. These are some very rare timepieces with military capability, making both of them a treat for the avid watch collector.

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