Honda CB750 By Ironwood Motorcycles

We don’t think it would be too much to say that Arjan van den Boom – of the Netherlands-based Ironwood Motorcycles – is one of our favorite motorcycle customizers. His builds are consistently both unique and recognizable. And while we can certainly tell we’re looking at an Ironwood build, we never feel fatigued by repetition. Such is the case with his latest build: the Honda CB750 you see before you.

The work on this bike is a bit more extensive than you might assume at first glance (likely a result of how clean the build is) – but it started with a complete overhaul of the engine, including new gaskets and a powder-coated finish. It also got a new completely rebuilt cockpit, RFID ignition, a new sub-frame, LED lighting, and a bunch more. Best part of this build, however, is that it’s part of a giveaway. Some lucky rider who rents it for a day will end up getting to keep it. Unfortunately, however, the tickets are already sold out. Still, you could probably convince IWC to build a custom one just like it.

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