Hitch Hotel Collapsible Camper

With the advent of bijou camper trailers like the Airstream Nest and various tear drop trailers, extreme mobility is the major selling point in today’s trailer market. Gone are the days of hulking aluminum hubs; people want their camping pods to be lightweight and portable. The Hitch Hotel is the perfect encapsulation of everything the modern adventurer craves in a camping capsule.

One amazing feature differentiates the Hitch Hotel from the plethora of pint-sized trailers on the market right now is its collapsibility. The hitch can expand and contract like an organ. When fully expanded, it offers a ton of space; 7 feet of sleeping area with a minimum of 58” of width, which is about the size of a queen sized bed. All told, the tiny trailer offers 135 cu-ft of space. When collapsed, though, it’s no more than three feet off the bumper, and six square feet in volume. At just 240 lb, lugging this little hotel is an easy task – but if you choose to fill it up, the Hitch Hotel can carry 100 lbs. of cargo. The Hitch can be detached and used as a standalone enclosure, too.

Purchase: $3500

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