Aston Martin Vision Volante Concept

The future is approaching, fast. No longer are visions of flying cars the stuff of Jetsonian fantasy. Companies like Rolls Royce, Terrafugia, Tesla, Audi and more have thrown their hat into the prospective industry of personal aerial vehicles. None of these companies have produced a more credible concept than Aston Martin, who just released concepts of their stunning Aston Martin Volante Vision.

The Volante Vision, a three seater vehicle, will make its design debut at Farnborough Air Show later this month. The Volante Vision can take off and land vertically, much like a helicopter. Where it differs is the Y-wing at the front of the plane, carrying twin sets of propellors that allow the Volante Vision to tilt and swivel with a nimbleness that other aircraft lack. The forward-thinking car-copter is powered by a hybrid-electric power train, and features a mounted turboprop on the plane’s tail. Not to neglect the interior, nor the technology within the cockpit; the Vision features autonomous navigation, and projects important information on the glass windshield of the cockpit. With plenty of powerful tech and car manufacturers testing the waters of this impending industry, it’s anyone’s guess whose concept will actually take flight.

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