U.S. Currency Redesign Concept

Despite its name, currency in the United States is not all that current. The last redesign was in 2003, and the usual suspects of Presidents remained on the bills from the previous iteration. Designer Andrey Avgust has provided a much-needed facelift with his American Currency redesign concept.

With the United Kingdom and Canada both introducing beautiful and innovative currency in the last 10 years, the US bank note is in serious need of some reconstruction. Avgust’s reconceptualization of the American dollar bill makes a lot sense. Some notable changes include Thomas Jefferson replacing Andrew Jackson on the $20 (though Alexander Hamilton on the $10 (musical theatre fans will be appalled), and John F. Kennedy replacing Andrew Jackson on the $20 note – even though Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew said in 2016 that a $20 makeover is already on the way, with Harriet Tubman replacing “Old Hickory.” The notes are made completely from thin polymer fabric, and feature encrypted codes that become visible under black-light, and feature Presidential signatures in glimmering gold ink. These bills are so marvelous that it would almost feel wrong to stuff them inside your wallet, out of sight.

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