Ring Smart Home Security System

Home security is a realm that has remained relatively untouched by technological advancements in recent years. So there is plenty of room for an upgrade in intelligence. Ring Security has taken it upon themselves to sharpen the modern home security platform, with their Smart Security System.

There is a spectrum that all technology exists on, which measures whether the injection of “smart” features is truly necessary or utterly gratuitous. Something like smart luggage probably lies in the middle of this spectrum. Not useless, but not essential. Home security, however, is at the far end. Smart Home security is a necessity in a smart world, and frankly, it’s a long time coming. Ring has created a security system that is intelligently connected. Versatile wireless security cameras with battery saving technology can be placed around the house, only turning on when motion is detected, and sending the feed directly to your phone. Smart sensors also send alerts when certain areas in the house are breached, and you can sync alerts like a doorbell being rung directly to your phone, through the Ring App. At just $199, homeowners can finally afford to relax.

Purchase: $200

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