Alpen Bike Capsule Storage

When it comes to having adequate protection, bicycles can’t seem to catch a break. Whether they’re crimped and cramped in some garage nook or dangling precariously from a wall rack, bikes are liable to accrue both damage and dust when they are not given quality shelter. The best way to handle this problem is, bar none, the new Alpen Bike Capsule.

Forged from an impenetrable polyethylene material molded to fit any bicycle, the Alpen Bicycle Capsule is the bike guardian anyone with an attachment to their bike needs. Equipped with an integrated locking mechanism, the bike capsule will not yield to anyone but its master. Plus, it keeps your bicycle out of inclement weather, as it is fully waterproof. An added benefit of the Alpen: it’s definitely no eyesore. An elegant, smooth design makes this storage unit a beautiful curiosity to hide in plain sight.

Purchase: $899

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