Symbol Audio Modern Record Player

Throw out that old phonograph, dust off your album collection, and step forward into the modern age of music. Perfect for audiophiles, beautiful contemporary design meets flawless sound quality with the Modern Record Player from Symbol.

Symbol teamed up with speaker designer Morel to create custom-engineered speakers and crossovers to be built directly into the record player’s frame. The amplifier, too, is custom crafted for the Modern Record Player, and it delivers a clean bass frequency and a dynamic and bright sound. The design stands tall and sturdy as a veritable functional sculpture that makes an elegant addition to any contemporary living room. The player’s three-phase turntable isolation system steadies the needle and stifles vibrations, ensuring the playback stays consistent, and the sound unhampered by vibration. Go wireless if you want – even connect the record player to your WiFi, or opt for old school – even run a line into your home audio system as you’re spinning through the ridged discs from your glory days. While the Modern Record Player from Symbol is attractive, it’s not simply ornamental. It’s an upscale instrument for the modern music-lover.

Purchase: $3,295

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