Star Wars Crimson Stormtrooper Helmet

In the Star Wars universe, there are a lot of different kinds of Stormtroopers that appear onscreen. Some of the coolest, however, were never actually featured in any of the movies. Take, for instance, the Crimson Stormtroopers. These elite operatives, done up in all-red, were deployed to conquer and control active volcanic regions throughout the galaxy. And now, their iconic helmet can be yours.

Of course, this is not actually a functional helmet – in the sense that you can’t wear it in a volcano and expect to be protected. It is, however, wearable as a costume (for, say, members of the 501st Legion), if not just an excellent collectible. And, made by ANOVOS (an officially-licensed replica manufacturer), it’s exactly accurate to Lucasfilm on-screen standards. This badass piece of movie memorabilia can be yours for $310.

Purchase: $310

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