Smart Mountain Shelter By Lusio Architects

The wintry version of an oasis in the desert is a shelter in the mountains. A different sort of tundra offers the same essential complication: overexposure to the elements. But those shelters far too often fall victim to overexposure themselves, quickly eroding in the same harsh environs they were designed to rebuff. This lead Lusio to a logical conclusion: the first thing that a shelter should protect, is itself. The smart mountain shelter from Lusio Architects are designed to solve the rapid dissolution of shelters, so that travelers can always find refuge in the storm.

Modular in design, the smart Shelters can be delivered by helicopter and assembled on site. The team at Lusio, together with architects Ivanka Ivanova and Krassimir Krumov, found that it wasn’t just the elements that wrought the ruin of most mountain shelters, but visitors who mistreated them. So they designed their smart Shelters out of reflective aluminum, making them hard to spot during times of calmness, but impossible to miss during moments of calamity. Lights and sounds transform the once invisible shelter into a beacon for weary travelers. The thickest fog and the most furious flurries can’t stand up to this ingenious design from Lusio.

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