LEGO Architecture Statue Of Liberty

Welcome the tired, the rich, the poor to your office or home with the beautiful Statue of Liberty from LEGO Architecture. The colossal Lady of Liberty Island has been shrunk down and made modular for your desk decorating and assembling pleasure. The newest member of the LEGO Architecture Series, the LEGO Statue of Liberty is a towering addition.

The 17-inch Statue of Liberty scales down Lady Liberty from 151 feet to 17-inches. Unlike the previous Statue of Liberty model LEGO created in 2000, the project from LEGO Architecture includes the plinth, on which is engraved the famous dedication from 1886: “Give me your tired, your poor/Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” Both the great green gal and the pedestal are recreated to tee; the construction emulates the same brick pattern as its mother-statue’s on Liberty Islan. At 1,685 pieces, the project is no push-over, but the result is a glowing and faithful reproduction of the Mother of Exiles, which would make a wonderful gift for the nominated architect in your home. The Statue of Liberty from LEGO Architecture will be available for all to purchase beginning starting in June.

Purchase: $50

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