Japan: The Cookbook

Cooking, as many a traveling-chef has pointed out on cable T.V., is more than something you do for sustenance. It’s a window into a different culture and way of life. For those who subscribe to that way of thinking about food, Nancy Singleton Hachisu’s Japan: The Cookbook is for you. More than just being a cookbook, it bills itself as a particularly well polished lens through which one can view Japanese cuisine and culture.

Published by Phaidon, the 464-paged book contains more than 400 unique recipes, from a variety of different regional traditions – all organized by course. Recipes in the book are often accompanied by attractive, full color photographs of the completed meal that ride the line between art and food. Far from being her first foray into food writing, Hachisu has been nominated for the James Beard Award, and has published two separate books on Japanese cuisine. An ideal purchase for those looking to take a first leap into the world of cooking in Japan.

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