Deny Cooler Locks

It’s probably pretty apparent that we love adventure coolers. These tough-as-nails storage devices allow us to easily and securely transport our food and beer to and from the campsite with ease. But, their portability also makes them easy to steal – which is a bummer. But that’s why we love Deny Locks.

Designed specifically to fit any cooler with tie-down slots, this solid stainless steel device is a super simple way to keep your favorite cooler and your precious cargo inside safe. And all you have to do is anchor the 304 steel base to your vehicle of choice (be that a pickup truck, overlander SUV, ATV or whatever) with the included bolt and break-away security nut. Then, it locks and unlocks with an included key. It’s literally that simple. You can buy the kit in parts, starting at $50, or pick up a full set for $150.

Purchase: $50+

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