Tipoon Expanding Camper Trailer

The Travel Machine from French company Tipoon just might be the most spacious trailer that can actually fit in your garage. At first glance, it looks like tight quarters, even for a single passenger. But with the press of a button, this Tipoon trailer triples in size, transforming like Optimus Prime from a bijou-sized teacup trailer, into a regular mansion. The Tipoon Travel Machine is a full blown campout hideaway.

Some cars boast about their 0-60 times, but equally impressive is the fact that the Tipoon travel machine goes 3-6 feet tall in just three minutes. It took me 15 years. With 6.2′ ceilings, one could stand to live in this capacious trailer. Once fully-expanded, the Travel Machine offers plenty of cabin space in a well organized, compartmentalized design. One side can be rigged up as a staggered bed-bunk for two. Or, if you’d rather, it can be set up as a single, king-size bedroom. Fold the beds inward in discreet cabinets, and you open a large dining area contiguous to a kitchen set-up, which has a stove, sink, kitchen counter and fridge. A bathroom with full shower rounds out the blueprint. The Travel Machine offers comfort, convenience, and compactness. Save space; explore the Earth with the Tipoon Travel Machine.

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