Rock Star Handwriting Fonts

Like a human voice, handwriting is both unique and immediately recognizable to those familiar with it. We were struck, then, to see that designers Nicolas Damiens and Julien Sens have managed to faithfully recreate a choice few rockstar’s handwriting and turned them into downloadable fonts for a project they’ve called Songwriters Fonts.

Serge Gainsbourg, Leonard Cohen, John Lennon, David Bowie, and Kurt Cobain have all had their notes and letters analyzed by the design duo, turned into a font, and made available to use by anyone for free. While we’re impressed with the quality of these fonts as well as with all the hard work that went in to making them, we can’t help but feel a little queasy about this project as a whole. Given the deeply personal quality of handwriting, it feels like a kind of invasion of privacy to write one’s own thoughts with someone else’s hand. Yet, with that being said, we don’t expect anything less from a world where no one actually dies anymore. Each of these fonts is intended for personal use only.

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