Kobra-1 Foam Dart Blaster By Loveland Armaments

A lot of things have changed over the decades. But our love for guns that shoot foam bullets? Definitely not one of them. The newest blaster sidearm we’ve come across isn’t from a big company or even a well-known modifier – instead, it’s from a small label called Loveland Armaments.

Dubbed the Kobra-1, this American-made foam blaster is made from a bulletproof polycarbonate material and features a proprietary catch mechanism that fires all ½-inch diameter darts (including Nerf Elite) further and faster than most others on the market. Right now the Kobra-1 is still in development – with its Kickstarter campaign hoping to raise enough funds for a CNC router, belt sander, and drill press for developing a cleaner, more reliable version of the gun. Whether you’re a foam-gun fanatic, or just want to keep something in your top desk drawer for when Nerf warfare breaks out – this is one hell of a pick.

Kickstarter: $89+

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