Classic Car Club At Pier 76

Founded in London in 1995 and later expanded to New York City, the Classic Car Club has evolved from a renting service for vintage vehicles to become an exclusive hub for car lovers to circle the wagons and discuss their shared appreciation. Now, they’re wheeling out a beautiful new clubhouse–don’t call it a garage–known as the Classic Car Club at Pier 76.

The CCC was originally conceptualized as a service for auto-aficianados to try high-end classic cars without having to go all-in. With a relatively small ante (for some), a member can choose from a fleet of majestic and rare cars. Try the Ford GT40 that deposed Ferrari and at the 1966 Le Mons Grandprix and captured the first win for an American car company. Or, if you’d rather, a 1956 Porsche 550 Spyder, almost identical to the infamous “little bastard” that James Dean crashed. Maybe you’d rather avoid that one. From the outside, the CCC could seem like an elite club for the gearhead gliteratti of Manhattan to enjoy the finer things. But in reality, it’s just a place for car-lovers to get together and have a good time. No gathering at the CCC is typical; one night, star-chef and member Andrew Carmellini might prepare dinner for the whole club, while the next gathering might feature a beer-fueled remote-control car drift contest. Relocating from their Soho location to a new building at Pier 76–designed by member and architect Marc Thorpe–allows the club to broaden its physical horizons, and the expansion will include an increased accessibility for nonmembers, who can now attend car maintenance courses and occasional special events at the club headquarters.

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