Airstream Nest Compact Camper Trailer

In a departure from the iconic chrome that has covered its trailers for decades, Airstream has launched a new model, with a more orthodox appeal. Testing their company’s mettle, they have scrapped the reflective aluminum that has been their trademark, for a humbler, more traditional design – forged from a material that is light as the breeze.

Though they are departing from the metal that made them memorable, Airstream is returning to a material with which they are familiar. Though they have used aluminum since the company’s inception in 1931, founder Wally Byam began toying with a new material called “fiber-glass” in the early ’50s. His dalliance with the material has culminated 70 years later in the first plastic trailer Airstream has ever made. All told, the Nest offers 112 square feet in floor space and weighs just 3,400 pounds, far smaller than the hulking Airstream Classic model. The Nest is built to comfortably host two. It comes built with a two burner worktop and microwave in the kitchen, and a shower room in the back. Minus the aluminum sheen, the new breed of Airstream might not attract the same crowd of conspicuous-consumers and vaguely-employed, unattributably-wealthy vagabonds, but it will likely attract a more traditional base, who are looking for comfort and convention and will find it in the new Airstream. The Nest is an airstream for the mainstream.

Purchase: $45,900

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