Vaultek Pro MX Smart Gun Safe

Any way you swing it, firearms are dangerous tools. So, when you aren’t actively using one, you’re going to want to keep it in a secure and selectively accessible location. But most gun safes are little more than a metal box with a key. Vaultek’s Pro MX, by contrast, is a powerhouse of modern tech.

For starters, the interior of this storage container is incredibly modular, allowing you to customize the layout depending on your load-out – including formats for two handguns, two handguns plus magazines, four handguns plus magazines, or a total of eight handguns altogether. It also comes standard with a PRO MXi fingerprint reader for biometric entry (up to 20 fingerprints), machined keys (if you prefer old school), smartphone compatibility, a coded keypad, and a quick-access smart key. At $500, this is one of the best storage options for security, accessibility in a pinch, and overall capacity for your handheld firearms.

Purchase: $500

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