The Musket 2 By Hazan Motorworks

When it dropped, ‘The Musket’ from Hazan Motorworks became one of the most talked about custom bikes ever to hit the pavement. That’s understandable – it was practically perfect. So, when approached to build another Enfield-powered bobber, the shop decided to make a sequel. And The Musket 2 might be even better than the original.

The engine on this beauty is an impressive creation on its own, as it’s actually built from two Royal Enfield 500cc singles that were hand cast and machined together; creating a beastly 1,000cc V-twin. That motor makes up most of the bikes weight, as there’s little else to it – just a wire chromoly steel frame, a simple seat, sleek bars, and no dash instruments of which to speak. It does, however, have a pretty neat custom dual brake-pedal control system that gives you the ability to apply both front and rear brakes or just the rear – a detail of which Maxwell Hazan is particularly proud. Finally, the chief differences between this one and the original can be found at the tip and tail: the 2 features a spoke-less back wheel and a one-piece front end, just adding even more to the glory that is this chrome custom bobber.

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