Sobro Smart Side Table

There are two primary types of crowdfunding projects; first is the seemingly brilliant tool that, after just a minute or two of consideration, looses its luster. Second, there is the invention that on its face looks idiotic until, it miraculously it wins you over. Sobro’s Smart Side table is firmly in the latter category.

The idea of having to plug in a piece of furniture seemed to us, at first, pretty ridiculous. When we looked over this smart side table’s functions, however, we had a bit of a change of heart. Made by the same brand responsible for the cooler coffee table, this side table does a whole lot more than just serve as a place to drop your phone and glasses. Probably most useful, the piece of furniture serves as a wireless charging surface for juicing up as many as two phones. That means no more fumbling around with cords as you try and go to sleep for the night. And for those who hate waking up with a parched mouth? One of the drawers is electrically cooled and built to store bottles of waters. No more stubbing your toe on the way to the fridge. And speaking of smooth moves, the side-table even includes a Bluetooth speaker and LED lighting for when playing Keith Sweat at a moment’s notice. What more could one ask for?

Indiegogo: $300+

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