Segway Loomo Rideable Robot

Ever since we first saw Star Wars: A New Hope, we’ve wanted to have our own droid. The only thing that could probably make R2D2 better, however, is if it were possible to ride around on him, too. Well, now the folks at Segway (yes, the scooter company) are offering just that in their Loomo rideable robot.

Equal parts personal assistant and self-balancing scooter, Loomo is equipped with a clever AI that makes it far more than just another mode of transportation. For instance, it can follow you autonomously when you’re not riding, can shoot photos or auto-stabilized video, and you can control it via gestures and/or your voice. You can even control it with your smartphone and communicate through the robot. Of course, if you want to hop on, Loomo has a 20-mile range per charge and can travel up to 11 mph. Preorders are open now starting at $1,299.

IndieGoGo: $1,299+

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