Prevent Biometrics Smart Mouthguard

Contact sports can serve as a meaningful way to harness the values of teamwork and communication – all while catching a bit of exercise in the process. However, there’s no denying “contact” aspect of the sport. Which is why Prevent Biometrics spent the last seven years developing their Boil and Bite Mouthguard that monitors head impacts on the fly.

It’s all made possible via a series of accelerometers that first detect the impact event, filtering out false positives, measuring true positive impacts, recording them in the Cloud, and triggering an alert when over-threshold hits are measured. Here, a proper sideline assessment for a concussion can be taken on site in real time before any additional damage is done. Additionally, their easy-to-use app also keeps tabs on everyone sporting the mouthguard, with both at-a-glance dashboards and specific details on every impact each athlete experienced. Available now.

Purchase: $199

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