Logitech G560

Screens with ambient lighting have been popular for a while now. And for good reason. They give gamers a more immersive in-game experience without adding too much to the price tag. This tech isn’t just limited to screens, however. Just recently, Logitech announced their new G560 speakers with RGB LED lighting.

Boasting a 240 watt downward firing subwoofer and two satellite speakers, this audio setup is the real deal. The G560 boasts a Next-gen Positional audio system that gives you a full, 3D surround sound. That means you’ll never miss hearing those footsteps from behind while protecting B in CS:GO. And as far as connection is concerned, you can hook these up via USB, aux, or Bluetooth. Of course, the real seller here is the lighting. More than just coming equipped with RGB LED lights, these things feature Logitech G software that allow you to adjust the macros on the speaker. Taking it even a step further, Logitech designed the speakers with an open software developer kit for game studies to program in special lighting for specific scenes or scenarios in-game. Not bad, for a pair of speakers.

Purchase: $200

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