Lacoste Save Our Species Collection

Jumpman, the Supreme box logo, Levi’s stitched ‘V’; there are a lot of iconic marks in the world of men’s fashion, but few are as famous as the Lacoste crocodile. That is why it’s so exciting to see the brand release a limited edition line of Polos with a number of endangered animals in the alligator’s stead. Introducing the Lacoste Save Our Species Collection.

The French company reached out to a design team by the name of M/M in order to reimagine their logo for 10 endangered species ranging from the California condor to the Sumatran tiger. Done in partnership wth the International Union for Conservation, proceeds from each sale of the stark white polo go towards IUCN. Act fast, though. The number of polos available directly corresponds with the number of these animals still in the wild – so only 1,775 have been made.

Purchase: $185

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