Keego Flexible Titanium Bottle

Metal bottles have exploded in popularity over the past decade or so. The reason why? People got sick of drinking water with an odd, plastic-like taste. But metal bottles come with their own downsides – or at least they did before the Keego Flexible Titanium Bottle.

Designed in Vienna and developed in Denmark by the same lab that produces parts for CERN, the bottle makes use of a groundbreaking layering process that give the titanium a squeezable property – a world’s first for metal bottles. As a result, athletes can get the clean, great tasting water while still being able to share with teammates or throw the bottle in their bike’s cage. In addition to these qualities, the bottle has a lightweight feel to it, features ripples along the side for a solid grip, and a weather and scratch resistant surface. All of this unique functionality will cost you, though. Prices for the Kickstarter start a little above $50.

Kickstarter: $55+

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