Goodyear Oxygene Carbon Positive Tire Concept

It could be said that the huge jump in the production of electric vehicles is a response to the ever-worsening conditions of the environment. But, electric vehicles alone are not enough to reverse the damage. We need to do a whole lot more to reverse climate change. Goodyear knows as much, which is why they developed these Oxygene carbon-positive concept tires.

For starters, these bizarre-looking tires are actually 3d-printed from recycled rubber powder, with a shock-absorbing puncture-free design. But the star of the show is actually that green inner ring on the wall of the Oxygene – which is actually moss that absorbs CO2 from the air and moisture from the road and produces oxygen as a byproduct. Even better, the electricity generated through photosynthesis powers its onboard sensors, an artificial intelligence processing unit, and a customizable illumination strip (used as a secondary indicator light). It’s a lofty idea, to be sure, but we like where Goodyear’s head is on this eco-friendly concept.

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