Foiler Flying Yacht

ENATA, the UAE-based kite, plane, and marine-company has rolled out what we think may be among the most striking yacht’s we’ve ever come across. Introducing the ENATA Foiler Flying Yacht.

A combination of gorgeous design and cutting edge tech, this yacht offers up both speed and class. Powered by twin 320 HP BMW diesel engines and two electric generators, the craft can cruise at a speed of 30 knots and hit a top speed of 40. This incredibly fast pace is thanks to the retractable hydrofoils on the boat. Once extended, they lift the boat 1.5 meters above the water and smooth out the ride enough to improve fuel efficiency considerably. Of course, this helps the range of the yacht, too. On a full tank, it can travel 130 nautical miles with up to 7 passengers onboard.

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